Let’s face it, most dog beds are disposable. Determined to offer more sustainable dog beds, ecoDaisy orthopedic dog mattresses are made by hand in Canada using durable, 100% recycled materials. Made with luxurious pillow-top mattress foam covered by durable, waterproof materials – these dog beds are designed to actually last! Up-cycling at its finest!

Pawsitive Features

  • Made from thick, luxurious pillow-top mattress foam upcycled from major mattress manufacturers. This is very high-end mattress foam that didn’t make the cut; we source it direct from the factory.
  • Washable, water-resistant cover made with 100% upcycled high-performance outdoor sports fabrics. Additional covers can be purchased extending the life of the mattress.
  • Built to last – these beds will pay for themselves since you won’t be left with a pile of lumpy, stinky, poly fluff and fabric after washing. Plus the human mattress grade foam is designed to hold its form so they won’t compress over time.
  • Re-made by hand in the small town of Cumberland, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
  • ecoDaisy employs sustainable business practices (recycled content packaging, green web-hosting, recycled paper for all print, local suppliers, fuel-efficient transportation, uses only 100% recycled materials, absolutely no acceptions)


Due to the recycled nature of the mattresses, some of them may have the tiniest scuffing from the recycling process and transportation (this is the inside foam portion which is covered by several layers of covers:).

Also, with regard to sizing…each mattress is unique, thus each dog bed is unique, so thickness, firmness and sizes may vary ever so slightly (variations are generally less than an inch).

These factors are all part of the sustainability features which comes with some trade-offs when compared to most products on the market which are mass-produced in a factory in China from raw materials (generally petroleum based).


Because each mattress and cover is made by hand right here on Vancouver Island….custom sizes are available upon request (additional fees apply).

Here’s a picture of the pillow-top mattresses after they have been re-purposed into dog beds…

Inside mattress


Upcycled fabrics are mostly sourced from the Vancouver area but some fabrics are from Montreal or Portland. Here’s a picture of one of the warehouses where some of the 100% post-commercial recycled fabric is sourced from.

rosecity textiles


And finally, in case you were wondering, Top Stitch Manufacturing is the awesome local Vancouver-Island business that does a fabulous job sewing the mattress covers.