As an environmental planner, I wanted to link my passion for dogs with sustainability. One thing that always bothered me was how many dog beds I was going through on a continual basis. I would buy one bed after another, and after a few months, the stuffing would disintegrate and my dog “Daisy” would be lying on the floor with little support. My beautiful old blue-tick coonhound was incredibly tall and as she approached 11, she needed a lot of support in her bed.

Picture of Teresa and Daisy

Store owner, Teresa, with her dear old pup Daisy

After doing a bit a research, I found out that historically, mattress retailers were sending brand-new mattresses to the landfill because of over supply or minor defects. A bylaw was passed in Metro Vancouver to prohibit land-filling recyclable materials like these and I found a supply of brand-new pillow-top mattresses that were being deconstructed. The pillow-top portion was being shipped to the US to make carpet underlay, so I got a hold of a couple and they made for the most luxurious and supportive dog beds you can imagine. After a tremendous amount of work sourcing sustainable fabrics and local sewing manufacturers, ecoDaisy was launched and the response has been overwhelming!

Based out of the small Vancouver Island town of Cumberland, with almost no marketing, the mattresses have been selling like crazy online across Canada and retailers have been tracking me down to get them in stock. With over 1,600 followers on Facebook, it’s incredible the feedback I receive weekly and customers go out of their way to send pictures and rave reviews about the mattresses. I’ve now secured a supply of brand new pillow-top mattress foam right from several of the largest mattress manufacturers…upcycling at its finest!

There is nothing quite like my product on the market. Most beds are made in China filled with flimsy stuffing that flattens in no time and after a couple of washes (if you can even wash them) you’re left with a chunky mess. The pillow-top foam in the ecoDaisy orthopedic mattress will hold its form for many years protected by a waterproof inner liner and a removable and washable cover made from upcycled outdoor sports fabrics that offer unmatched durability and liquid resistance.

After 16 incredible years, my dear Daisy has passed :(2 weeks before my baby boy Hudson arrived in 2018). Building a business around a beloved dog can be difficult, but I’m grateful for the inspiration Daisy gave me and her legacy lives on.

I hope you and your pup enjoy the comfort and durability of the ecoDaisy mattress….and you can both rest easy knowing that you’ve got one of the most durable, eco-friendly dog beds available:)