Here are some excerpts from emails we have receieved from happy dogs…I mean owners;) It’s truly moving to hear how these supportive, waterproof and durable mattresses have changed pups (and their peeps) lives. We LOVE hearing from happy dog owners about their experience with their mattresses. Have a story to share? Please send us your feedback, and keep sending those awesome pictures! 

Ramona loves it! Our dog-loving mail-lady arrived at the front door this morning, delighted to deliver your beautiful bed for our rambuctious little 5-month old lab x puppy… I took off the wrapping, popped it down in the middle of the living room floor and Ramona immediately lay down and had a luxurious two-hour nap! So glad you came up with this brilliant home-grown eco-conscious business idea! ~ Shawn

Bella asked me to send you a note of thanks – she LOVES her new bed. and it got here so quickly too! Thank you very much – it’s awesome! ~ Tarra… er,…BELLA!  ;-)

Hi Teresa, thank you for sending your dog beds so quickly. They look wonderful, thick and comfortable. My older dog Worthington doesn’t sneak into my bed anymore, I think he likes his bed much better! Thanks again and Cheers! ~ Lynn, Worthing and Sky

Just wanted to let you know how much our schipperke Raven loves her new bed.

Rolly says thank you for his comfy new bed! His old bones will really appreciate it too.

The dog bed I ordered from you a few months ago worked out so well I just ordered another one to put in the back of our Honda Element. Thanks for a great product and superior customer service.~ Jerry

Teresa and Daisy, I am so glad you have a business that caters to the QUALITY of dog beds, that can withstand their wear and tear.  Thank you, you are appreciated by my husband and our 14 dogs.  Thanks again!!~ Sandi

AWESOME, ELEGANT & WELL-MADE! Hi Teresa,  The dog bed arrived today, my dog LOVES IT! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product; it is very well made and looks elegant. My wife and I sit on the dog bed with our dog at TV time, it is THAT comfortable. Just a thought, because of the durability and quality construction you might want to also market these as pillows for children to sit on and also as padding for campers to use underneath their sleeping bags. Still exceedingly happy with the bed.

We love the dog beds!!! Thank you!!! THey’re fantastic and we look forward to ordering some more to eventually replace all the others in the near future. Great to have a good product and local business!! :-) Thanks again ~ Renee

Hi Teresa: Thanks so much for the beautiful bed. Koda just LOVES it!! I’ve never seen him immediately climb onto a bed and stay there….. usually he’s antsy about anything new and it takes some time for him to adjust/like it. With this bed it was immediate, love at first sight! He won’t sleep on any other bed now and seems to sleep much more peacefully and comfortably…….he always got up a lot to change positions through the night, now he sleeps soundly and deeply and doesn’t shift around or move off his bed. And a big bonus is that he doesn’t even want to get up on the sofa anymore!! Thank you so much for creating such wonderful beds!!! ~ Barb

This is just a quick note to say thank you for the dog beds! I wasn’t planning on purchasing more than one, but I had to reconsider after my dog suddenly chose the comfort of his bed over my company. I’m not trying to be funny — he almost never leaves the bedroom now. I purchased your dog bed because of the sustainability model, but I was immediately struck by the quality of materials and craftsmanship. It far exceeds what’s currently available on the market. I especially like the modular design as it really extends the life of the product. For example, most dog bed covers lose their repellency after only a few washes, leaving the mattress unprotected. Your inner liner offers an extra line of defense, while the outer sheet extends the life of the cover by protecting it from dirt/debris. Best of all, I can replace each piece individually if they ever wear out — no need to buy a whole new dog bed! In short, I will spread stories of your greatness. ~ Jason

We received our mattress and couldn’t be happier with the construction and quality…and the pooch loves it too! Thanks ~ Josh

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