//Ultra Durable WaterPROOF Dog Mattresses

Ultra Durable WaterPROOF Dog Mattresses


A thick, supportive pillow-top mattress for your dog with an ULTRA-durable, water-PROOF cover.

100% upcycled. Good for your dog…and the environment.

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You asked, we made them. Although all our covers are water-resistant, these covers are waterproof! The fabric is ultra thick and durable; backed with a coated lining that is impenetrable by water. Great for the outdoors or preventing ‘accidents.’ This luggage-type fabric is so thick it may also stand up to those pups who like to take a nibble out of their bed;) Inside the ultra durable waterPROOF cover you will find our ecoDaisy orthopedic dog mattress….

Developed as a solution to the disposable nature of most dog beds on the market, the ecoDaisy Orthopedic Dog Mattress is a luxurious eco-friendly dog bed that provides the support and durability of a pillow-top mattress….support that will actually last!

Pawsitive Features

  • Made from thick luxurious new pillow-top mattress foam recycled from major mattress manufacturers
  • Washable, water-resistant cover made with 100% upcycled high-performance outdoor sports fabrics
  • Built to last – these beds will pay for themselves as they will not compress over time
  • The supportive pillow-top foam alleviates pressure on joints
  • Re-made on Vancouver Island, BC
  • 100% upcycled

**A note on sizing…each mattress is unique, thus each dog bed is unique, so thickness, firmness and sizes may vary slightly. Please email if exact sizing is a concern.

KING : 115 x 100 x 15 cm (45 x 40 x 6+ inches)
Designed for dogs over 80 pounds (Danes, Masiffs, Rotweilers, etc)
QUEEN: 100 x 75 x 13 cm (40 x 30 x 5+ inches)
Great for dogs in the 40-80 pound range (Sheppards, Boxers, Pointers, Retreivers, etc.)
DOUBLE: 75 x 65 x 10 cm (30 x 26 x 4+ inches)
Generally breeds 20-50 pounds fit comfortably on the double sized mattress (Beagles, Spaniels, Shih Tzu, etc)


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Double, Queen, King


Dark Blue, Ruby Red, Deep Purple